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Medicine Women Retreat
October 13-15, 2023 | Utah

At this nonhierarchical, connective & expansive retreat, medicine women will collaborate with each other, sharing our own magic, practices & approaches, and articulating principles and best practices of medicine work. Guests will walk away with a stronger network of likeminded medicine workers, more understanding of diverse and various practices and approaches to medicine work, and more support for your practice.   

During the retreat, we break up into smaller groups to discuss, brainstorm, and exchange ideas on how to do initial assessments, support preparation, medicine work, and integration.  Additionally, each guest will have an opportunity to share a gift that might benefit the community - whether that's energy or body work, breath work, a sound bath, an art activity, costume making, whatever!  In the spirit of collaboration and strengthening each other, each guest will have the opportunity to learn from and enjoy the abundant gifts of the collective.  

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Celebration of the Divine Feminine

Our community held a beautiful celebration

of the Divine Feminine on April 16, 2023

at the Krishna Temple in Salt Lake City


We celebrated and cultivated our own divine feminine energy through immersive experiences with meditation, body movement, sound bath, breathwork, integrative art, and ecstatic dance. As a collective we recognize and honor the feminine energy within us all and share in bringing heightened awareness to the rise in consciousness happening all around us. 

Check back for future events. 


Sending blessings, light and love!

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